Invitation, 2011

Part 1
Taking place May 2011, for one week, the artist Agnes Bolt will move into the home of the very sociable and curious Philippa Hughes to playfully explore the dynamics between an artist and an art collector. With a naive optimism and subtle social critique the project will manifest itself with a large obtrusive structure situated within Philippa’s home in which the artist will live. The presence of the artist will be impossible to ignore. A series of rules, exercises, communication systems and bonding experiences will dictate the interactions between the two as will video cameras given to both parties. A strict contract will dictate the rules but ruptures are expected.

Part 2
Distanced by cities and by many other elements and taking advantage of the way technology can link and separate, the artist Agnes Bolt and the collector Philip Barlow will spend a week in August 2011 performing daily exercises of trust and co-dependency. Quiet gestures filled with unrequited desire.